Winter Travel Pointers That Can Keep You Comfortable

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Sometimes, when it’s too cold, it’s just too comfortable to stay at home and keep warm. However, some daredevils choose to brave the cold and experience something new. These travelers pack the essentials necessary to survive the winter, and they have found the perfect accommodation where they can rest comfortably after being out and about under chilly weather.

Travel Essentials for Winter

Seasoned winter travelers know that certain items are essential to survive and brave the cold weather.

  • Waterproof BackpackWinter may carry a lot of water droplets and elements with the wind that may ruin your things. Therefore, having a waterproof backpack is necessary. By having a waterproof backpack, your adventure will be limitless. You can venture into different places and try new adventures without worrying that your stuff may get wet.
  • Thermos flaskTo survive the cold, staying hydrated is necessary. Even cold water can help, but warm water is the best during chilly temperatures. Hence, having a thermos flask will come in handy. A thermos flask can keep your drinking water warm for at least a whole day; it also prevents you from buying water bottles, helping save Mother Earth.
  • Long JohnsIf you haven’t made yourself familiar yet with long johns, it’s time to do so now before your winter trip. Long johns are underpants that are usually fitted and covers the entire legs; it is used to protect yourself from the cold weather by giving your body additional warmth.  Thermal underwear may be a bit pricey for some. But as soon as you brave the cold with them, you will find out that these are indeed essential.
  • Touch Screen Gloves
    Everybody nowadays wants to be constantly connected, especially over the internet. Travelers who want to constantly post their adventures on social media sites will find touch screen gloves handy.Touch screen gloves have tips that create friction between the gloves and the phone screen. Therefore, people who use this item do not need to remove their gloves to click their phones; this is very helpful during winter if you want to prevent your hands from shaking in extremely cold conditions.

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Finding The Perfect Staycation

An accommodation can make or break a trip. For easy reference, Forbes lists some of the top winter travel packages one can find in the US. The list includes ski resorts and even hotels with sunny weather for those who want to escape the cold.

However, if you are particularly planning to visit a destination for its chilly weather, you need to consider certain things before selecting an accommodation. These factors can help make your stay comfortable and let you have a more enjoyable trip. Some people may find hotels are more comfortable, while others appreciate the comfort and hominess vacation rental apartment or homes bring.

It’s best if an accommodation has a blanket with bed fan technology that easily adjusts the temperature according to your preference. If they don’t have one, look for these other things in a property:

  • Unique winter activities
    You’re traveling to experience something new. Therefore, when choosing an accommodation, you need to find a property that offers activities you have never done before. There’s nothing like that sense of accomplishment after you tried out a new thing. You may not be good at it, but you can count it as an unforgettable memory.Challenge yourself and try ice fishing, snowshoeing, and a lot more. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. Don’t forget to share that great story with other travelers or family to encourage them to travel and do these activities next winter.
  • Outdoor tubDuring winter, there is nothing more relaxing than having a dip in a hot tub. Luckily, there are plenty of accommodations that offer such a feature. Daredevils even run in the snow naked and then immediately make a splash to the hot water in the tub. Count this as another brand new experience from your trip!
  • Indoor pool and Parking
    Everything indoors is comfortable during winter. If an outdoor hot tub is not your jam, try looking for a hotel with an indoor pool. Several five- or four-star hotels offer this amenity. You will even be surprised to find homes with this feature when you search on Airbnb or VRBO. To still enjoy the outdoor view, it’s best to find a pool that has floor-to-ceiling windows.In addition, indoor parking helps during winter. This is especially important for those traveling via car. When the snow pours, the car should be safely parked inside a garage, rather than wasting your time scooping your car from snow.

The season shouldn’t stop you from going on a trip. If you’re up for traveling during the colder months, know what you should bring to stay cozy amid the freezing temperatures.

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