Fun Ways to Invite Your Loved Ones to a Surprise Trip


Do you and your loved ones enjoy traveling? Has it been so long since you last went out on a trip? Or maybe you are already planning on taking them on vacation to celebrate a special occasion? Then why not level up your game by thinking of other ways to announce your travel plans?

Many of us would rather call, text, or simply tell our loved ones of our plans to take them out on a trip. While many appreciate this forward approach, it takes the surprise out of the box. Why do it in a boring way if there are other ways you can surprise them and make the announcement more exciting? Not sure how to pull off a fun trip invitation? Here are five ideas that will surely spice up your plans.

Buy them a few essentials that they will surely need on the trip

One good way to make the travel announcement more memorable is gifting them with something that they will surely wear while on your travel destination. For instance, you plan on taking your loved ones on a ski vacation. Since you will have fun all day under the white and cold snow, then you will surely need ski and snowboarding essentials. So why not gift them some brand-new Bogner ski pants, snow scarves, beanies, and a pair of ski mittens? Wrap them up in a nice gift wrap and have your gift delivered right at their doorstep.

Create a destination scrapbook


You may not be the artsy type, but don’t let that stop you from creating a scrapbook. This is fairly fun and easy to make. You can simply print and paste pictures that will give your loved ones hint on where you are going. This can be popular landmarks and the different activities you can try on your destination. Add a few notes, a list of places you will surely visit in the area, as well as must-try food that you can’t wait to taste with them.

Say yes to a travel jigsaw puzzle

Do your loved ones enjoy jigsaw puzzles? If they have the patience and won’t get mad at you for giving them a jigsaw puzzle without a guide, then this is the perfect way to surprise them with your planned trip. You can opt to buy a jigsaw puzzle showing a picture of where you plan to take them. You can even try to make your own if you can’t find someone that sells your preferred photo online.

Let them taste a local cuisine

If you can whip up a few new recipes, then why not cook a few dishes local to your destination? You get to treat your loved ones with a few brand-new dishes and make them think where they will likely find the authentic meals. If cooking is not your forte, you can also consider treating them to a restaurant or two that specialize in cuisine where you are headed.

These are just four ways you can put a twist when announcing your surprise travel to your loved ones. By thinking of non-conventional ways of giving your surprise, you can make the experience a more exciting one. Who knows, you might not only be the one who has others plans up their sleeve.

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