Helping with Clutter: Vertical Space in Homes


There are many benefits to an uncluttered space, such as reducing anxiety and tension in a household. Although paring down your belongings may be the first step to uncluttering, discovering a way to organize what is left is the next step. Of course, you will not be getting rid of everything. There are objects in your home that have significant or sentimental value to you. Moreover, if you live as a family, it can be difficult to truly pare things down to the necessities.

Studies show that objects keep children happy. This makes it a lot more difficult for a family to unclutter effectively because household members will tend to accumulate objects as they grow. To adapt to this dilemma, using the vertical spaces in homes can be an option in organizing clutter or cherished belongings that people cannot part with. Here are some suggestions on how you can use your walls and the space between your floor and your ceiling to your advantage:

1. Shelves

Getting shelves for your home is an investment in both its organization and its decor. For instance, some shelves are drilled into walls, rather than the more traditional and bulky shelves that take up floor space. Whichever one you prefer, they will allow you to make use of the area between your floor and ceiling.

Aside from storing books, they can be used as a pantry, a display, or even a closet for bed sheets and blankets. You can even look for artisan shelves that might make the space look more modern and less like a storage space. There are many options on shelf designs, allowing them to be functional and decorative at the same time.

If you choose the shelves that take up floor space, they can act as a divider between parts of a room. This will help create the illusion that the area has a lot to offer in terms of functionality. On the other hand, choosing shelves that do not take up floor space allows you to place furniture underneath, like a couch.

2. Hooks


Hooks can be used to place kitchenware, bags, hats, among other things, in such a way that they can be accessed when needed. They are effective in using walls as the space for these frequently used objects since they will not have to take up counter space or closet space while being easily available to the household member. Furthermore, they can be used to display memorabilia or instruments, like a guitar that someone cherishes or maybe a neon sign that they want to put up.

Just like the shelves, hooks are an investment in your home’s decor. You can do it yourself with a few power tools and the right screws and fixings. The important thing is to make sure that the hooks can handle the weight of what you want to hang on. There are different kinds of hooks with different weights that they can carry.

You will have to decide what kind of hook to put up depending on the item you want to hang. For example, hooks that are stuck on are fine if you are just planning to hang a towel or a hat. Light objects are fine with stuck-on hooks. However, if you intend to hang up a heavy object, like a ladder or a fire extinguisher, it would be best to use hooks that are screwed on and secured.

3. Garden Stands

Using vertical stands to hold your pots can be a massive space saver if you are into gardening. You will also be putting the pots on a better platform to display them. Similar to decorations on a Christmas tree, using stands can be used to display memorabilia or treasured items just like shelves.

Stands are more on decor rather than functionality. There are many kinds of garden stands to choose from. It will depend on your taste—whether you are interested in wooden or wrought iron or how high you want it to be. Another option to store plants is a vertical garden using hydroponics. It can free up space in the garden while still serving you with the leafy greens you want to grow.

These are some ideas on how you can use the vertical space in your home more effectively, undertaking some redecoration in the process. Using shelves, hooks, and garden stands can make a difference in your home’s interior design. The ambiance might even change. It will be worth it once you get to enjoy your uncluttered home.

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