Outdoor Kitchens on a Budget: Why You Need It and How to Build It

outdoor kitchen complete with grill and dinning area

An outdoor kitchen is a necessity for every home that has the space for it. It is so beneficial for families. For one, it provides an additional cooking station from the house. When it’s a nice day out, being able to prepare food outside can save you time and energy. It’s also a great place for your kids to hang out while you’re cooking.

An outdoor kitchen adds more than just space, it creates an entirely new alfresco room. For those who love being outdoors, especially in the warmer months, being able to eat outside is a dream come true. If you have a small backyard, one option is to carve out a corner or section in the yard where you can create your outdoor kitchen. Doing so will allow the smoky air and smells from cooking with charcoal to be enclosed in a designated space outdoors.

It is a great place for friends and family to socialize, eat and drink with one another. And it can make even the most complicated part of dinner easy — the clean-up! No more dinner dishes lingering in your kitchen sink or piled on a countertop waiting to be put away.

Of course, having an outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be easy or cheap. There will be a lot of things involved, including getting the necessary appliances. You also have the call plumbing services to install sinks.

However, it’s worth it. You also don’t really need to spend a fortune on an outdoor kitchen.

Re-Use, Up-Cycle

Your best bet, whenever you need to design an area of your house on a budget, is to thrift. There are already tons of furniture out there that are still in good condition but the owner no longer wants or needs it. If you do some digging you’ll be surprised at the treasures you will find!

You may also re-purpose some of your current household items for use with your outdoor kitchen, like a bookshelf. For instance, if there’s a bookshelf in your living room that isn’t being used any longer, why not turn it into a buffet server? It’s going to give your living room decor an instant improvement and make it look more updated — plus you get a functional buffet for food! If there are things that don’t work out as serving pieces, then use them as shelves or storage.

If you’re really looking to stretch your dollar and get creative, then painting and stenciling is definitely the way to go for up-cycling furniture. If you already have a preexisting piece of furniture that you can’t bear to part with, but doesn’t work in your current space, consider painting it and bringing it back for another run.

Choose Appliances That Multitask

If you’re really working on a budget and the only way to get an outdoor kitchen setup is to spend as little as possible, then your best option is to choose appliances that multitask. For example, consider having a barbecue grill with side burners and other features. It will help save on space while at the same time not limiting your grilling options.

Get an oven or microwave combination unit if your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have an indoor countertop where you can install one of these appliances inside. Just make sure they match whatever theme you’ve established for your outdoor space (e.g., French country).

Go for built-in ice chest coolers instead of having a separate beverage fridge that might be too close or too far from the grilling station. Having a built-in cooler will save you space since you won’t need to find room for it in your new outdoor kitchen.

Build During Off-Season
renovating a house

The best time to install your outdoor kitchen is during a period when you’re not using it. You can take advantage of the slow season and get an early start on the project before the weather gets warmer, while at the same time taking advantage of bulk pricing — since stores want to clear out their inventory for new items that arrive in the upcoming months. Check with local hardware stores to see what they offer in terms of discounts.

An outdoor kitchen is one of those things that will add so much value to your home if done properly. It’s not just about having a spot outdoors where you cook food when the weather gets warmer. With an outdoor kitchen set up, you create more living space outdoors! More space means more room for gatherings with friends and family during barbecues or just a regular dinner party.

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