Essential Tips on Designing a Bedroom Your Kids Will Love

Two adorable kids having pillow fight on the bed

A kid growing up in their own bedroom is truly a privilege—and one that not all kids in the United States can enjoy. However, if you are a parent who can provide this for your child, then it’s an investment that’s worth making. A study found that prolonged co-sleeping has negative effects on a child, so once your child reaches a certain age, it might be time to encourage them to move to their own bedroom.

One of the best ways you can get a kid to sleep in their own room is by ensuring that they love the way it looks and that they are comfortable in it. Here are some essential designing and styling tips you need to know to design the best bedroom for your child:

Kids bedroom with a blanket tent

Make it an oasis for them

In the same way that we want our bedroom to be our getaway from a stressful world (especially since many of us are still working from home and our homes have become the second office of some sort), our kid also deserves to have an escape. Their bedroom can be that place. Here are design ideas you can try to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible:

  • Consider adding a reading nook of some sort. You can design it so that it looks like a blanket fort. If there’s no space for a reading nook, then consider adding a white canopy over their bed to make them feel like they’re being cocooned while they sleep.
  • Incorporate plenty of comfortable layers and textures like pillows, blankets, plush area rugs, and their favorite plushies and stuffed animals.
  • Make sure the temperature is always at a comfortable level. Check that the heating and cooling units are working perfectly and invest in some new appliance parts if something needs to be replaced or repaired.

Communicate openly and ask them what they want

If your kid has been sleeping in your bedroom since they were a baby, then you might have to explain to them why they need to move into their own bedroom. Here are some tips and talking points you can use:

  • Be calm but persistent. If you are impatient and explain it in a way that makes them feel like they are unwanted and rejected, they might grow up with trauma and abandonment issues. When explaining to them why they need to sleep in their own room, be honest but kind and gentle. While they’re still getting used to sleeping in their own bedroom, tell them you will stay with them until they fall asleep. Once they do, leave the room.
  • Ask them what kind of bedroom they want. Make sure all their favorite toys are there, and that their favorite color or cartoon character is somehow incorporated. If their bedroom is filled with things they love and are familiar to them, they are more likely to embrace it as their own space.

Go for timelessness and elegance

Heavily themed rooms may be fun for a while, but kids grow up fast and with their growth comes being easily tired of their favorite things. They may be into dinosaurs now, but they might want something completely different one or two years from now. Your best bet is to opt for a timeless theme that still speaks to their personality and interests.

Here are some design tips for creating an elegant bedroom that is still reminiscent of your child and their favorites and interests:

  • Keep everything simple. When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, less is more, because you want to ensure that the bedroom can be a neutral canvas that can be easily transformed and updated as your kid grows and their interests transition. Consider opting for a neutral main color, and letting the secondary and accent colors be your child’s favorite. So even if you have white walls, you can still add dusty blue or pastel pink touches to ensure that your kid’s favorite color is still prominently featured. Once you have a classic canvas, then you can play with color for the finishing touches or additional decor.
  • Make the most out of the space. If your kid’s bedroom is on the smaller side, then you want to ensure that every square foot of that room is properly utilized. Consider opting for a mini loft bed so that your child has a play area or homework station on the bottom floor of their bunk bed.

Now more than ever, our kids also deserve a sanctuary where they can be themselves and truly rest from a long day of studying. When you invest in their bedroom, you also invest in their overall well-being.

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