Out and About: How to Stay Clean and Healthy While on a Long Camping Trip

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Many of the younger generations enjoy living life in a more dynamic and on-the-move fashion. They like to travel, see new sights, and meet new people. They are also more in touch with nature than the previous generation and enjoy much of their time in the presence of the green mother.

Millennials enjoy traveling. The entire generation spent $200 billion on travel in 2018, with 33% of these millennials spending more than $5,000 on their travel plans. They are singularly shaping the way tourism and travel industry with the way they travel.

One of their most beloved things to do when they travel is trekking or hiking nature trails. They would stay on the trail for days, sometimes weeks on end. They enjoy camping out in the middle of the woods, sometimes even hunting for their own food. Because they spend a long time out in the woods or natural parks, they have mastered the art of being clean without needing a shower. So if you’re planning to go camping for quite some time, you can learn from it from this wild generation. Here are some tips that millennials do to keep themselves clean, fit, and healthy while being in the wilds.

Travel Light

Millennials are the kings and queens of preparation, especially when they have to travel. They usually have everything they need once they are out there in the world because of their on-the-move lifestyle. But everyone prepares for their travels, especially for camping trips? What is it that makes millennials so effective in preparing themselves for camping trips than other generations? The simple answer to that is they travel light.

Many millennials, no matter where they go, travel light. You won’t see them bring ridiculous amounts of bags when they go camping, even if they plan to spend a long time out in the woods. They only bring the essentials, and that’s it. They are also efficient in packing their utilities. You won’t see them bring both toothbrushes and toothpaste in their bags.

That’s too much space! Instead, you’ll see them bring modern tech with them like an oral whitening pen to maintain their oral hygiene while out in the woods. So when you’re planning a trip out into the woods, consider travel light. You should also look to utilize products that serve a dual purpose, so you wouldn’t have to clutter your travel packs with unnecessary items.

Use Gels

Maintaining proper hygiene while out in the woods can be a tough undertaking, especially when you don’t want to bring a wide array of cleaning products with you. This can bog you down and take up a lot of space in your travel pack. This is why millennials tend to replace all of their self-care products with gel-substitutes.

Soap and shampoo can be bulky. However, their liquid versions tend to fit in almost any small bottle. Having gels for your camping trip can be a lifesaver because they cover up less space but still fulfill the same purpose. Application of gels can also be made while you’re on-the-move so you wouldn’t spend too much time taking a bath. You can just apply the gel on a damp cloth and start wiping yourself with it.

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Caveman Cooking

When it comes to your health while camping, you’ll have to consume the best kinds of food while you’re out there. But this doesn’t mean that you should pack your entire kitchen with you. Millennials do some ‘caveman cooking’ when they are out in the woods. This means you’re going to cook with the equipment nature provides you.

You don’t need much for cooking, just a decent fire, and that’s it! So with this in mind, you’re just going to need to bring a lighter or some matches with you to go out cooking. When looking for cooking materials in a hardware store, always look for the bare minimum. Don’t go grabbing fancy cooking materials like a two-burner stove. You can do all your cooking with one source of fire, and it’s much safer too.

Also, utilize other tools you might have with you when you’re camping. A thermos can be used for cooking soup, the same as your canteen. The can of canned goods can be used to cook the food inside. These things can be utilized when you need to cook so that you don’t have to pack with you some heavy cooking materials.

Millennials love camping. This is why they are the masters of survival. They travel light, and because of this, they can maximize their trips out in the wilderness or any trip in general. By following what they do when they travel, you can make sure that you can maximize your enjoyment the next time you’re out there in the woods.

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