Emotional and Spiritual Wellness: The Key to a Happy Senior Life

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Having a senior loved one is not always easy. There’ll be days when all they’d want is to sit in their rocking chairs and watch TV, and days when they’ll be so fixated on accomplishing something they just can’t do alone. Situations may arise where they’d feel down because they can’t do the things they used to do and these are the moments when they’ll need to find the right emotion in them to handle the situation gracefully. 

Many providers of home health aide services say that it’s important for seniors to find happiness in the small things, especially now that their actions are limited. And when you’re older, it’s easier to lose patience over these small things. Some seniors would even have a feeling of being a burden to whoever’s taking care of them. There are many things that can easily affect the mood of your senior loved ones. That’s why it’s important to help them with their emotional and spiritual wellness.

Emotional Wellness

Being emotionally well means being able to express your feelings in a healthy way, no matter the situation. It’s managing the way you feel in moments of stress, weakness, or facing your limitations. While this may seem basic for every growing child, it’s also crucial for your senior loved one who may still be trying to live an independent life. 

For example, your senior dad is trying to button up his shirt, but he’s having trouble getting those small buttons in the holes while his hands shake. If he is emotionally well, he will continue to try closing each button with patience until he gets all of them, or he may ask someone to help him. If he’s not, he may get angry, take the shirt off, and just not wear it at all. 

Spiritual Wellness 

Spiritual wellness means having a deeper appreciation for things and the people around you. It’s also about being more aware of your actions and how they coincide with your beliefs. To some, spiritual wellness means having faith in a religion. To others, it could mean building a connection with a higher being that also connects them to the people and things around them. No matter how they find spirituality in their lives, it will always boil down to what their principles in life are and how they carry them out in their endeavors.

A senior who lacks spiritual wellness may choose to be alone in their room most of the time. They may also seem to have a lack of willingness to socialize or even just watch TV. And you will see it in their face and in how they speak that they’re not happy. A senior that’s spiritually well, on the other hand, may spend her time listening to music or walking out in the garden to pick some flowers. She may be the senior who says good morning to everyone she meets. She may find happiness in spending time with children or writing in a journal.

Putting Them Together for Your Senior Loved One

Now, the question is, how do you help your senior loved one develop this wellness at this stage in his/her life? There are different ways you can help your senior loved one manage his feelings and find a deeper purpose in life. But it won’t happen overnight. This is the time when they will really need you to guide them in difficult situations.

If you see they’re frustrated about something or someone, sit down and talk to them calmly. Let them tell you how they feel and why they feel that way. Help them see different sides to the situation that will help them understand why it happened. Choose your words carefully and make sure that they are words that build rather than break. 

Spend some quiet time with them in the garden. Or play soft music while they take their afternoon nap. Ask them to teach you how to make their favorite recipe in the kitchen. When they’re faced with frustration from not being able to do something, take them out for a walk and let them find their joy again in the fresh air. Teach them how to do breathing exercises and meditation. Or just simply go to church with them.

Spiritual and emotional wellness always go hand in hand. They’ll find it easier to handle the one if they understand the other. And with your help, your senior loved ones will live the best stage of their life in the happiness they deserve.

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