Finding Love in a Pandemic

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We’ve reached the halfway point of 2021, a year that has, in some ways, featured more twists and turns than 2020. While the globe has not yet recovered from the epidemic, many Americans have now received their vaccinations and are on the hunt. However, we did manage to discover some nice things about dating throughout the year 2020, even though it was a challenging year to find love. Many things have improved in the year after COVID was established – not despite it, but precisely because. Here’s a look at what’s been happening in the dating scene so far in 2021.

Dating with Intention

Several dating apps have claimed that individuals are becoming more deliberate in their use of their services due to the COVID mixing. Match’s 2020 Singles in the United States According to the results of Match’s 2020 Singles in America poll, slightly more than half of the respondents (53 percent) have made the transition to more deliberate dating.

Unsurprisingly, dating slowed considerably last year since people’s only choices (besides risking getting ill) were to communicate through text or video, thus stopping the churn of messages to meetups. This allowed us to reflect on our dating habits and consider what we wanted from our dating experiences in the future.

People weren’t only talking about being more aware while dating; they were also talking about being more mindful in general. To put it into effect, they adopt new habits. Many more Match users now spend more time getting to know prospective partners, are more honest with them (69 percent), place less emphasis on physical attractiveness (61 percent of Gen Z, 49 percent of millennials), and consider a wider variety of individuals as possible mates (63 percent of Match users) (59 percent).

Hinge, a dating app that is “built to be removed,” is also seeing the manifestation of this trend. Almost half of those who used the service (45 percent) claimed the epidemic encouraged them to adopt better dating practices. The epidemic has prompted more healthy dating practices, such as no longer ghosting, which has decreased by 27 percent on the dating app.

More Honesty

Given the two-and-a-half-year timeframe everyone had, daters are exhausted of games. It used to be standard practice for us to go out with someone we weren’t interested in to have something to do on a Wednesday night, or to “ghost,” by which we mean “go out with someone just to reject them later on.”

However, in recent times? That’s out of the question. Quarantine shocked us into realizing that we only had so much time in our one wild and beautiful existence.

According to the Future of Dating study, tinder projected that daters would be more honest and genuine in 2021. As anxiety and “normalizing” became more prevalent on the app, this suggests that individuals desire to reveal their real-life personalities and the things they struggle with from the start.

More than likely, the little discussion has also been skipped. When she released the press release regarding singles in America last year, Dr. Helen Fisher made the statement,’s Chief Scientific Advisor and biological anthropologist. According to Dr. Fisher, there has been a shift in singles’ desires; they want a relationship rather than casual dating, more meaningful conversations, and more excellent honesty and transparency on dates.

Horoscopes are Coming In Hot

According to my horoscope, I’m going to have a wonderful year ahead of me. We won’t be the only ones looking for any sort of indication that our love lives are headed in the right direction. There’s a phenomenon called astrologer, which involves your date and the stars and can now be found on millions of dating profiles thanks to people in the UK who have added their zodiac sign to their profiles in the last six months. Amazingly, people who do this are shown to improve their odds of finding a match by up to 53 percent. But if you’re more on the practical and systematic side, you might appreciate reliable elite dating services instead.

Outdoor Dates

After being cooped up for most of the year, daters will be searching for ways to get to know their match in the great outdoors. 59% of OkCupid users worldwide stated the recent epidemic has made them more eager for future experiences, with outdoor dating becoming a popular choice for socially distant meet-ups. 27% of women have pledged to appreciate the outdoors once their lives return to normal.

Final Thoughts

One in four of Bumble’s US customers will be known as “New Dawn Daters,” which are those who got divorced after their long-term relationship fell apart due to the pandemic. Many are entirely new to dating applications and understandably nervous about dating at the moment, according to Bumble. Please cross your fingers that they won’t start discussing their exes on the first date.

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