Decorating a Fashionable Yet Functional and Cozy Winter Home

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For the winter season, you’ll want to focus on creating a cozy and functional space that will keep you warm and comfortable all season long. You can do this by redecorating your home and making changes that will create the illusion of warmth despite the cold. Here are some great tips.

1. Get some great winter scents for your home

Winter scents like ginger and cinnamon will not only make your home smell better, but it may even help you get rid of the sniffles. The smell of ginger is known to increase the blood flow in the body which helps you fight common winter illnesses. Cinnamon has also been shown to help reduce inflammation within the respiratory system, which makes it perfect if you are suffering from a cold or flu this season. So go to a local store and get some scented candles for your home. You can also add some artificial flowers with winter scents like vanilla or sugar maple.

2. Add some tasteful rugs and textiles

Nothing beats the cold like stepping on a plush rug in your home after coming back from the outside world. Rugs act as insulation for your feet when you step on them. To go with these, add some textiles that will feel soft to touch like scarves and blankets. An indoor front door mat can also be used more for practicality when you step in with wet shoes from the outside.

3. Get some greenery and plants for your home

Plants not only help purify the air around your home but also have a way of making it feel cozy and warm. But not just any plant can be kept indoors during the winter since some are better off in an outdoor garden. Plants like ferns, palms, crotons, peace lilies, or snake plants can be decorated around your home during the holidays for added warmth. Make sure that you water them sparingly and keep them out of reach from pets.

4. Play with lighting

Lighting has always been one of the best ways to make a room feel alive and warm. Soft lighting like candles or lamps can be used indoors during the wintertime, while you can play with lights outside especially if you’re decorating for the holidays. But remember to be safe with candles and lamps, since you’re in a room packed with combustible materials.

5. Add the right furniture in the right place

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Furniture has always been one of the main factors in redecorating any space. You can use this to your advantage when decorating for the winter season because it’s all about illusion. This can be done by playing with the right furnishings in the right places. For example, if you’re placing a couch or bar cart near your fireplace then you can easily play with this illusion of warmth by placing faux fur throw pillows on your furniture. Don’t forget to place some rugs under your coffee table where people sit most of the time.

6. Get a roaring fireplace going for a great focal point

If you have a great room with a nice open fireplace, then that would be an ideal place to focus on when decorating your home during the winter. This will give you a central heating source and at the same time provide warmth and comfort for everyone in your home. Make sure to have a screen on the fireplace just in case something ignites, and if you’re going to be decorating your home for Christmas then this would be a great focal point with a nice mantle.

7. Get a nice white or cream-colored paint for your walls

While it’s true that you want color during the winter, you have to remember that the goal is to create warmth in your home. This means that having dark colors on your walls will only make it feel colder since dark colors absorb light. So instead, go with a nice white or cream-colored paint for your walls so that they can reflect lights better inside your home.

8. Hang pictures of friends and family around the house

Lastly, you will want to create a home that feels cozy and inviting for friends and family who come into your home during the winter. This means that you’ll be decorating with pictures of people you love in order to feel more at home, especially when they’re not around. After all, it doesn’t matter how fancy or expensive your furniture is if no one comes to visit you.


Combine these tips together and your winter home will surely feel cozy, functional, and fashionable for everyone who enters your doors.  Just make sure that you are careful when decorating with open flames indoors since it can be a fire hazard during the colder months of the year.

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