The Latest Travel Trends for the Ultimate Romantic Getaway


Modern love is becoming more challenging to understand, and a simple box of chocolates can’t exactly produce the same pleasure or joy that it would have ten years ago. This logic goes the same with traveling with your other half, seeking intimacy in a new place. So, in this era of changing attitudes, planetary peril alongside increasing environmental consciousness, what are the travel trends couples should look out for in the new decade?

Here are some of the most notable ones:

Purposeful Travels

With most modern couples’ preferred travel companies taking care of concerns over sustainability, all parts of their romantic getaway will get underpinned by knowing they’ll be leaving no carbon footprint in their dream destinations. In other words, couples will increasingly choose to impact each of their journeys positively, deriving a sense of paired-up progress and bonding through a shared purpose on the trip, creating an even stronger bond between you and your significant other.

Mission-based traveling will become a ‘key’ tenet of a couple’s sense of intimacy and connection as they travel the world, enabling them to make memories around meaningful experiences. The stronger bond you and your partner will experience throughout your journey gives you a perfect chance to bring out that stunning Micro Pave halo engagement ring you’ve been holding onto. It allows you to finally tie the knot, helping you celebrate a meaningful milestone in the process.

Independent Monogamy

With self-improvement and actualization becoming major concerns in couples, each partner will naturally seek to improve themselves to support their significant other’s development. As a result, the trend of traveling together but apart will arise — enhancing moments of shared intimacy between each partner, allowing them to grow and improve for the better. You can also call this trend ‘uncoupled’ travels.

In the independent monogamy trend, couples will likely book separate hotel rooms, creating space and allowing them to make considered choices such as determining whether to invite their significant other to stay over for the night or choosing to spend the night alone. Additionally, couples may decide to spend a couple of days per trip dedicated to doing different activities independently, enabling them to explore personal growth during the day and reunite during the night.

Rise of ‘Co-Romancing’

As co-working and living rise as trends, the idea of romance consisting of monogamous marriage and cohabitation will become deconstructed — paving the pathway of co-romancing popularity. More people are taking part in several relationships and seeking connection with different partners. Because of these, expect the ‘polymoon’ or honeymoon for people in polygamous relationships to become mainstream in the new decade.

More hotels will begin embracing these new relationship configurations, with rooms having triple beds to the standard double or twin offering, alongside hotel room freebies like robes and slippers.


Eco-Conscious Travel Experience

Couples will likely embark on adventures in dedicated environmentally conscious breaks where sustainability and indulgence are some of the key features. Hotels are following suit, with a Hilton in London refurbishing an entire suite with vegan-friendly materials and ethical decorative elements. With more accommodations becoming aware of couples seeking eco-friendly alternatives, the couple’s travel trend of providing an eco-conscious luxury experience is rising.

Wellness Awakening and Bio-Positive Products

Regardless it’s for couples looking to self-love or coupled-up kindling, the ‘key’ tenets of wellness offerings in different accommodations will likely include pleasure, deceleration, and sensuality. All these can lead to couples not only enjoying their travels but relaxing in the process, with more modern med spas focusing on rejuvenation, romance, and sexual self-care — quickly becoming a destination retreat by themselves. These places are gradually using innovative treatments that allow couples to explore ultimate pleasure and well-being while being on the road or in another country.

Besides focusing on pleasure and intimate wellness, bio-positive beauty will likely get used alongside other sustainably sourced treatments throughout supply chains. This new focus means that couples can get to enjoy spa treatments in their respective hotels with peace of mind, assuring that the ingredients used in the products they’re using are sourced locally, contributing to the locale’s economic and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, beyond beauty, physical wellness in gyms will be re-imagined as well, as hotels that focus on providing a romantic ambiance need to ensure in-room gym facilities and trainers are within reach of their beds, helping couples indulge in the ultimate workout sessions.

Couples who travel together give them more time to connect, allowing each partner to discover new things about their significant other while having the trip of a lifetime — resulting in memorable moments, timeless souvenirs, and greater love. The trends mentioned can help couples make the most out of their travels in the new decade.

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