Singapore: Why It Is the Best Country for a Layover

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Layovers are not very fun. Typically, you are stuck in the airport for several hours in a country that is halfway through your actual destination.

However, if your layover is in Singapore, you are in luck. Changi Airport is one of the best transportation hubs in the world, and you can use your spare time exploring a nation rich in culture, amazing sights, and delicious food.

Here is everything that you can do during your layover in Singapore.


Traveling is always exhausting. It is understandable that, as soon as you step off the plane, your priority is to get some hours of sleep before your next flight.

This would not be a problem in Singapore. You would not be expected to sleep on the floor or any empty chair. There are several hotels close to Changi Airport specifically for travelers who wish to only stay for a few hours, not overnight.

In addition, Changi Airport itself has placed several rest areas where travelers can sit in comfortable chairs, put their feet up, and get some sleep. Best of all, it is free of charge. There are five lounges scattered across the entire facility.

Binge on Food

You are in Southeast Asia. The food is something that you should never miss.

Singapore has its own amazing cuisine recognized internationally, too. Because of its position, it is well-renowned for its seafood. Try its world-famous chili crab. Other seafood dishes that also deserve attention include barbecued stingray, fish-head curry, and oyster omelet.

If you are craving meat, there are also plenty of options. Hainanese chicken rice—steamed chicken served with rice cooked in chicken stock—is a staple in the country’s local cuisine. Hawker Chan, a humble food stall that serves chicken rice, received a Michelin Star in 2016 if you need any more reason, you should try it.

But, the city-state is also a melting pot of culture. Aside from the national cuisine, you will find numerous restaurants serving Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Filipino food. It is the perfect place to be stuck for several hours. If you have no opportunity to travel across Asia, you can try its diverse and distinct cuisines in Singapore.

However, if what you need is the comfort and calories of Western cuisine, there are also global fast-food brands that have made their way to this corner of the world.

The best part is that you do not even have to go out of Changi Airport to find some of these restaurants. The aviation hub is home to hundreds of food establishments offering both local and international cuisines.

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Go Sightseeing

Singapore is a small nation, but do not let that fool you into thinking that there would be nothing to see. In fact, there is a lot that you can do in the city-state that a day would not be enough. However, it is possible to get to know this vibrant country.

Gardens by the Bay is definitely a must-see. Movie buffs might recognize it as the site featured in the big-screen adaptation of “Crazy Rich Asians” starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, and Michelle Yeoh. It is where the artificial trees standing 50 meters high and towering over the urban landscape are found. They are a magnificent sight to see, especially when lit up at night. During day time, there are still hundreds of plants to see within the garden, creating a stunning oasis of nature amid the concrete jungle.

The National Gallery of Singapore is also a marvel to behold. It is made up of two buildings: one was the former Supreme Court, and the other was the former City Hall. In it, you will see a collection of modern art from artists across all of Southeast Asia.

Get a glimpse of Singapore’s past by walking around the Colonial District. It still has a number of grand colonial buildings, a contrast to the modern architecture that makes up the city-state.

The Chinatown and Little India are also a must-visit. Aside from the fantastic food, they also showcase the historical connection between these three countries.

If you have the chance, watch the sunset at Merlion Park. The view of the sky reflected on the water will be a memory you cherish for the rest of your life.


Singapore is a country that has a lot to offer, but you can absolutely get to know the nation within the few hours of your layover. It will be one of the best layovers of your life.

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