Transitioning From Home to Business: Design Hacks

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the past decade, there’s been a steady increase in Americans working from home. In fact, a Gallup survey has reported that 43% of employed Americans said they spent some time working remotely.

Suppose you’re one of the millions of people currently working from home or are considering making the switch. In that case, you should consider some things to ensure you set yourself up for success. Following a few simple design hacks can easily turn your house into a stylish and productive home office. Here’s how to transform your house into a home office.

Tackle Clutter

The first step to taking your home office from “blah” to “ahhh” is to declutter and organize. A messy space can be distracting and make it challenging to focus on work tasks.

Set aside time to declutter your office desk area, bookcases, and other surfaces. Donate or recycle any items you don’t need or use regularly. Once you’ve decluttered, take things one step further by organizing what’s left. Invest in attractive storage solutions, like pretty baskets or colorful bins, to hold items like cords, chargers, and stationery. Use shelves to store books, binders, and other things to help clear your surface area.

You should ensure that everything has its place, whichever way you organize it. That way, it’s easy to put things away when you’re finished with them, and you aren’t left with a disorganized mess.

Create an Inspiring Space

Creating a space that inspires you is crucial if you love spending time in your home office. According to Forbes, having a welcoming and calming environment can help improve your mood and productivity.

To make your home office an inviting space, choose a color scheme that energizes and motivates you—colors like yellow, orange, and green are known to boost productivity. Incorporate inspiring artwork or photographs into your décor. And if you have a window in your office space, make sure the view is pleasing by hanging curtains or blinds that let in plenty of natural light. Natural light has been proven to improve mood and increase productivity levels. Finally, bring in some greenery with some potted plants or flowers—plants have been shown to improve concentration levels and air quality.

No matter how small or large your home office is, you can easily turn it into a productive and inspiring space with just a few small changes. As a result, you’ll be able to stay focused, get organized, and be productive.

Make it Functional

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your home office needs to be functional. Ergonomics are essential when setting up your workspace—you want to avoid strain on your body so you can comfortably work for long periods.

Position your computer screen, so it’s at eye level—this will help reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. Make sure your chair supports your back and your feet are planted firmly on the ground—this will help prevent fatigue and lower back pain. Invest in a good quality desk lamp, so you have plenty of light for reading and writing—poor lighting can cause eye strain. And finally, limit distractions by setting up your office away from high-traffic areas in your home, like the kitchen or living room, where family members or pets may interrupt you while you’re working. 

Functionality is critical when transforming your house into a home office. By setting up your workspace properly, you can ensure it’s comfortable, organized, and conducive to productivity.

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Add a Touch of Personalization

Once you’ve decluttered, organized, and made your office functional, it’s time to personalize it. Adding a few special touches will make your home office feel more like a workspace and less like an afterthought.

Bring in items that reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable. This can be anything from a decorative throw pillow to framed art pieces to a cozy blanket draped over your chair. Simple touches like these can make all the difference in how much you enjoy spending time in your home office.

You can also showcase your brand and print your logo in your work area. For instance, you can dedicate a wall focused on your business and hang signage with your brand’s logo or motto. Many accomplish this with vinyl decals. However, these stickers last only a few years if exposed to sun and water. A great alternative is to use quality branding stencils, where you can create a more permanent mark on your wall in no time. Adding a few personal touches to your space, you can truly make it feel like home.

When transforming your house into a home office, it’s essential to consider your space’s aesthetics, functionality, and personalization. The above are only a few ways you can achieve this. With some creativity and effort, you can create an inspiring home office that will help you for years.

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