Perfect Date Night Ideas You Can Do at Home

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You don’t have to spend tons of money on an evening out with your partner if you don’t want to. There are plenty of things you can do at home that will be just as much fun as eating out, seeing a movie, or going dancing. No matter your interests, you can have an at-home date night that’s perfect for you and your significant other. Check out these seven home date ideas and see how many you can try.

Have a Movie Marathon

The best part about at-home dates is that you can plan them around your interests. A movie marathon, for example, allows you to be productive while still enjoying quality time with your date. Plus, if you have a favorite series of movies, it’s almost impossible to get bored during a movie marathon. Pick something good like The Lord of the Rings series or Game of Thrones. Watching can be an excuse to curl up on a couch together and let your hands wander as you root for those fictional characters.

Take a Virtual Art Class

Instead of looking at a plain wall, try a virtual art class through an online service. It is a great way to dabble in something you’ve always wanted to learn more about. It doesn’t matter what skill level you have—there are classes for every type of artist or enthusiast. You can pick and choose as many classes as you want, making it possible to plan out entire evenings of creativity. It’s also a cheap date!

Have a Dance Battle 

The element of surprise is often a great way to break up routine and spice things. One fun way to surprise your sweetie is to go all out with a dance battle—as you see in music videos. So get moving! Challenge each other to a video game dance competition like Just Dance or pull out some of your favorite films and stage something akin to Singing in the Rain or even Step Up. Whatever you do, make sure both of you have fun!

Bake Pastries Together 

Skip dinner and instead spend some time making pastries together. Maybe you’ll make something decadent like chocolate chip cookies or try a heartier pastry, like shortbread. The point is to spend quality time with your significant other and enjoy something you made together! It’s also nice because you can eat as many treats as you want—you won’t have to worry about making it perfect because you’re doing this as a date and just to bond.

Play Board Games and Video Games 

Playing games can be a great way to bond and have fun. Whether you like playing classic board games like Monopoly or Pictionary, or you prefer video games, spending time together is always a good idea. If you’re planning on staying in for a long night of gaming, plan for plenty of snacks so that you don’t feel deprived during your marathon gaming session. Plus, eating healthy food will keep you energized throughout your marathon gaming sesh!

Have a Backyard Candlelit Dinner

If you’re looking for a cute idea to show that special someone you care about, why not set up a romantic dinner for two in your backyard? Whether you have a patio or gazebo, it can be transformed into an intimate evening. The key is to make your date feel extra special! Don’t forget to clean up the space and hire some landscaping services if necessary. Your date will think of you every time they look out their backdoor at how beautiful your yard looks with all its natural charm. Also, set the tables with lovely linens, candles, flowers, and pictures of you together. You might also want to add some music in the background too.

Build a Blanket Fort

For those who are a bit more childish, building a blanket fort is an awesome date idea. Not only does it get your creativity flowing, but it also allows you to be completely alone together. Because let’s face it: sometimes we just need some time to ourselves. How could anyone say no to spending a few hours wrapped up in one another? You can cuddle and just end up talking in a heap of blankets! Bonus points if you order food after.

Home dates are fun and can spice up your relationship. You’ll also avoid traveling and still have time for a relaxing evening or early morning together. The only thing you need to do is to be spontaneous and creative; after all, that’s what makes dating fun.

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