High-Value Property Improvements in AU, 2021 Going Forward

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In their 2020 report, the Urban Development Institute of Australia records the national annual median lot size of homes in Australia to be 421 sq. meters. That adds to an earlier statistic, in 2018, provided by CommSec, which marked the average Australian home’s floor size to be 186.3 sq. meters. Then, that was the smallest home size since 1996, and down 1.6% from the previous year. Property prices have also consistently been on the rise, which has compelled buyers to opt for small lots and house designs for their next homes. That leaves property owners a larger land area than before to work with to improve the value of their homes.

However, it doesn’t mean it is time you implement every backyard and front yard design that you have always wanted. There is a ‘silent’ code to adhere to, especially if you are looking at projects for property value improvement. You need to follow a ‘code’ that will save you, especially from over designing and overspending on don’ts.

Front and Backyard Do’s

  1. Carports and garages — Most households in urban Australia have more than two vehicles, both of which are home at the same time. That makes enough space to park their cars, a critical factor that buyers look for when looking to purchase a house. These vehicles could, however, be of any size. It, therefore, is crucial that you engage an experienced contractor to construct a carport that will be most suitable for your house design and future parking needs.
  2. Conservatories — Australia is a hot continent, and that cuts across all regions. Nights and winter are biting cold, and days and summer can get scorching hot. Every homeowner here would, therefore, highly value a structural addition to their main house that takes advantage of and shields dwellers from the extreme weather.

Front and Backyard Don’ts

  1. Exaggerated landscaping — Overcrowding your landscape with all types of grass, shrubs, and trees does not guarantee serenity. Good landscaping includes proper designing and selection of grass, plants, and flowers. Moreover, you could require adjusting the inclination of the landscape for efficient drainage.
  2. Pools — Swimming pools are a good addition to your property. However, considering value improvement, note that some buyers could have safety concerns towards having a home pool. Therefore, if your target buyers are families with young children, adding a pool in your front or backyard is a no-no.

Conclusion: Smart Tips

Residential houses with cars parked on driveways in front.

Sunshine Coast, as well as other areas in southern Queensland, reads safe, serene, and cool in every way. And, with the beautiful nature dotting all these locations, they all pass as an excellent place to call home. And, yes, carports are a common favourite for most homeowners here. However, following the above dos and don’ts, you now have seen why not every front and backyard design you have ever imagined will work to your favour.

One critical tip you must follow is consulting right. Inquire from contractors that have consistently delivered on quality, timeliness and professionalism. That way, you will you accurately identify property value improvement projects that will return the fastest and the most. Additionally, get all the required building permits early enough and hire a professional for every project. Doing so will ensure the construction and landscaping projects flow seamlessly through to completion.

You now know well enough that your home’s value can be much more than that of the main house. So, do not stop for just enough while you can do much more.

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