Hair Care Upgrades for Your Home: Upgrade Your Routine With These Tips

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  • Install a water softener to reduce hard water buildup and restore essential nutrients for healthy strands. 
  • Invest in wall-mounted hairdryers for convenience and reduced clutter and to accommodate different wattages, voltages, and airflow configurations. 
  • Add towel racks and warmers for improved drying time, increased flexibility, and reduced heat styling damage. 
  • Incorporate storage solutions for brushes, combs, curling irons, and other necessities to keep them organized and easily accessible.

Making home improvements doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the comfort of your bathroom or just want to add some style, there are plenty of simple and affordable ways to spruce up your home. One area that often gets overlooked when it comes to upgrades is hair care.

With a few small changes, you can transform your bathroom into an at-home salon experience and make grooming more enjoyable for everyone in the family. From installing wall-mounted hairdryers to upgrading with new storage solutions, here are some great ideas for improving your hair care routine with easy home upgrades.

Water softener

A water softener is an important and valuable home upgrade that can significantly improve the quality of your hair care. Installing a water softener will help remove hard minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that exist naturally in tap water and cause buildup over time. This buildup can weigh down your hair and strip it of essential nutrients needed for healthy strands.

Additionally, it may be difficult to correctly rinse out all products from your hair with hard water since soap scum and other contaminants tend to linger. Professional-grade shampoos designed for hard water work best when used with a water softener system. A good way to determine whether a water softener may be beneficial is by looking at your local area’s annual hardness level report; areas that exceed 50 parts per million typically need one installed for optimal hair care.

Styling tools

Here are some styling tools that you can add to your home:

Wall-mounted hairdryers

Wall-mounted hairdryers are a great way to upgrade your home specifically for hair care. Not only do they provide convenience, but they also reduce clutter in already limited bathroom spaces. The installation process for these units is relatively simple since it only requires mounting the appliance onto a flat surface.

Furthermore, wall-mounted hairdryers offer added flexibility, since several models are designed to accommodate different wattages, voltages, and airflow configurations depending on your hair type and styling needs.

Towel racks and warmers

A towel hanging on a rack

Towel racks and warmers can make a great addition to any home, particularly regarding hair care. Not only do they add an element of convenience as towels are dried and warmed, but they also improve the quality of the hairstyling experience.

Towel racks dry damp hair faster than regular drying techniques, and warmers reduce the heat styling needed for certain styles by ensuring that the towels are already at the temperature when placed on the hair. This can help reduce damage to delicate strands caused by excess heat application. Furthermore, separating the used towel from fresh towels reduces the chances of product residue transfer.

Styling products storage solutions

As a home upgrade, considering proper styling product storage solutions for hair care is essential for keeping an organized and clutter-free environment. This can mean installing shelves or wall-mounted organizers for items like brushes, combs, curling irons, and other necessities. It can also involve clearing out unnecessary or expired items to make space and color-coding or labeling so everything is easy to find and identify.

Having visible storage close at hand helps minimize time spent searching through drawers or cabinets for a specific item. Storing items in their dedicated place also ensures everything doesn’t go missing and that items are safe from damage or theft.

Dedicated hair stations or cabinets

A bathroom with cabinets, toilet, shower, and bathtub

A dedicated hair station or cabinet is an excellent upgrade for any home. It is a single, designated area for all of your hair care needs. This makes it easier to find and store products, style, and care for your hair daily. Additionally, having a dedicated workspace can even help inspire creativity with unique hairstyles. Not only that, but others at home can also take advantage of the station for their haircare needs.

Installing one of these dedicated cupboards or counters that keeps all hair supplies in one place saves significant time searching through drawers and cabinets from room to room to get ready each morning. Plus, items are kept neat and organized with added storage space, leading to longer product longevity.

Mirrors with built-in lights

For those looking to upgrade their home specifically for hair care, mirrors with built-in lights can be a great addition. This innovative product contains mirroring technology and strategic illumination around the mirror’s rim to accurately see your hair under natural light conditions.

It is an incredibly helpful tool, especially if you often style and take care of your hair in the comfort of your home. Additionally, mirrors with built-in lights come in various styles, designs, and colors that link perfectly with your existing decor.

These are just a few ways to upgrade your home to improve your hair care routine. Whether you’re looking for something simple like storage solutions or more complex like a dedicated station, plenty of affordable and easy options are available to ensure that your bathroom is well equipped with all the supplies needed for a perfect hairstyle.

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