Getting Over a Bad Breakup Shouldn’t Break You in the Process

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Young, dumb love that’s built upon infatuation and learning more about each other is often the most romantically expressive, and while it’s the farthest thing from perfect, these relationships have a way of pulling on the heartstrings like no other. In consequence, these love stories also result in the most painful breakups, leaving both sides with nothing but guilt, hesitation, and a piece they held off on telling.

What’s worse, most people have trouble getting over these kinds of breakups, often still clinging onto those precious memories while also clashing with moments that make them question their sanity.

But, the way we see it, breakups are just part of life and yet another aspect of self-development. And while there’s no doubt of you feeling pain and unsure of what comes next, allowing these emotions to ruin your life and dictate what you do is a no-go.

Keep Your Mind Occupied on Something Else

The first step to feeling better and letting self-love overcome your worries is by keeping your mind occupied with other things so that you don’t have time or space to wander aimlessly through your memories. Specifically, some of the most effective strategies include: (1) putting those emotions to work at the gym and (2) indulging in some of your favorite hobbies during your free time.

  1. Put Those Emotions to Work

    Although we’re not going to deny that it sounds a bit cliche to devote yourself to working out and going to the gym after a bad breakup, focusing your mind on burning fat and managing your weight works wonders. You see, you’re essentially hitting two birds with one stone, and that’s the physical feedback of muscle soreness and the mental feedback of feeling tired after training. Heck, you might even find yourself a lot more determined than you’d realize.

  2. Indulge in Your Favorite Hobbies

    If you’re not the type to hit the weights, another excellent alternative to keeping your mind occupied is by indulging in your favorite habits. Everybody’s got their unique way of keeping calm and relaxing, and whether that’s picking up a new book or starting a new art project with a blank canvas, anything that pushes your mind elsewhere will guarantee the same net effect. Also, music helps uplift the mood, so put your happy tunes on repeat whenever possible.

Take Some Time to Relax and Clear Your Thoughts

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The second step to your self-love checklist is to relax and clear your thoughts. Post-breakup tension can be a lot to deal with and sometimes even overbearing when you’re trying to get anything done as per work or even basic responsibilities. So, we suggest (1) going out on a spontaneous weekend getaway by yourself or (2) splurging a respectable budget on a spa package.

  1. A Spontaneous Weekend Getaway

    When the post-breakup guilt is still eating you up, and everything around reminds you of them, a spontaneous weekend getaway to get a break from it all is often the most effective way of clearing your thoughts. To do this, pick a random place, ride the flow of life, and see wherever it takes you. Focus your mind on the new things you get to see and the countless opportunities instead of what’s holding you back.

  2. Splurging on a Spa Package

    Pampering yourself is a costly yet super-efficient way of relieving any post-breakup stress that’s still climbing up your spine. And that’s because you won’t really have any time to think about the bad things if you’re too busy feeling good from a massage or taking the opportunity to relax in a sauna. Plus, you might even get to try some of the newer laser hair removal machines or treatments.

Of Course, Don’t Run Away From Your Feelings

Last but not least, while occupying your mind with other things and clearing your thoughts to help deter some of the initial impact felt after a bad breakup, these aren’t supposed to help you run away from your feelings but ease you into confronting them. At the end of the day, it’s when you face them and reflect on everything you’ve been through that growth starts to happen.

Sure, it might sound far-fetched at first, but you will come to realize just how important it is to hold your chin up high and understand both the good and bad parts with open arms.

It Will Hurt at First, But Even Pain Will Come to Pass

Overall, while bad breakups tend to mimic the feeling of ripping your heart right out of your chest, all this pain you’re feeling right now will come to pass eventually. So, take the chance to understand more about yourself, let self-love take priority, and remember that brighter days always follow right after.

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