Parents Should Be Concerned About These Childhood Health Risks

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Parents should be concerned about the dangers and health risks their children face. Childhood is a time of rapid development, and many illnesses or accidents can have long-term effects on a child’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development.

While most parents take the time to accompany their children to dental appointments and regular checkups to ensure that they are healthy and well, they should be prepared for many hazards and dangers at home and school.

Make Sure Home Appliances Are Out of Children’s Reach

Parents should be aware that appliances such as irons, microwaves, and other pieces of electrical equipment release powerful magnetic fields. Although these items are very useful in keeping a household running smoothly, they can pose a significant risk to children if placed in a child’s reach.

Children are often attracted to shiny objects, and the bright colors of the appliances mentioned above make them even more interesting for kids to play with. The magnetic fields can cause neurological problems in young children if they spend long periods in their presence. Therefore, it is best to place these items in a high place in a room. That way, kids cannot climb up to reach them and accidentally injure themselves.

Make Sure Your House Is Childproofed for Safety’s Sake

Most parents know that their homes should be childproofed to keep children safe. However, it is easy for parents to become complacent over time if there haven’t been any accidents in the home. Even if nothing serious has happened, it is still essential that all parents regularly check the safety of their homes to ensure that everything is childproofed and that kids are safe at home. Parents should also regularly go through their children’s toy boxes to be sure all items are age-appropriate

Be Aware of the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Since carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, it can be very difficult to detect. This gas is the leading cause of poisoning fatalities in America, and it kills about 500 people a year. It can lead to organ damage and heart problems if a person is constantly exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. The gas is produced when fuels such as wood, kerosene, oil, and propane are burned. Infants and children who play with fireplaces and stoves may be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Parents can avoid this by teaching their children about the dangers of playing with these appliances and never leaving them unattended. They should also install carbon monoxide detectors in their home if they use appliances that produce the gas.

Parents should also ensure good ventilation for all kitchen appliances, including stoves and ovens. This will help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning whenever children are nearby.

Make Sure Kids Use Their Car Seats Properly

kids on the back seat wearing seat belt

A child can be injured or even killed if they are not securely buckled into their car seat. Kids can still be seriously injured if the car seat is not correctly installed, even when fastened in. At least 50% of children who die during car crashes are unrestrained. Not only should parents make sure that kids use their car seats at all times, but also that they are correctly installed and that the straps and buckles are secure.

Parents should also teach their kids how to use car seats properly, such as always facing them forward until they reach a certain age. They can help ensure that their children use their car seats safely by always making sure they buckle themselves in when getting into the car, even if their kids are not with them.

Educating Your Child About Fire Safety Is Important

Although most parents are aware that children need to stay away from lit candles, lighters, or matches, many have no idea of the dangers posed by other common household objects. For example, young children should not be allowed to play with fire, even if it is contained in a jar or fireplace.

Parents should not leave plastic bags within reach of children, and they should never put clothes that have been dry-cleaned near their kids. Static electricity can cause spontaneous combustion for some cleaners, and young children could injure themselves with this type of fire. Parents can protect their kids by ensuring they store these clothes where young children cannot reach them.

Parents should also teach their kids about the dangers of playing with matches and lighters. These items can easily catch fire if they contact anything flammable, including dry leaves or clothing. Parents should always keep a close eye on their kids if they are playing with matches or lighters and ensure that these items are kept out of their reach.

Always Keep an Eye on Kids When Swimming

Many parents have no idea that young children can drown in less than an inch of water. Parents should never leave their kids unattended by swimming pools or other bodies of water.

Parents should also teach their kids to actively participate when they are in the pool instead of just playing with toys that are brought in. They can help ensure their children have a safe time in the water by always ensuring they know how to swim and keep their faces above the surface of a pool.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s impossible to keep children from being exposed to a certain degree of danger, it is every parent’s job to monitor their kids and take action when they are in harm. Parents should do whatever they can to avoid putting their children at risk for injury or illness due to accidents.

By following the guidelines listed above, parents can help limit the danger their children are exposed to. These steps also help ensure that kids stay as safe as possible while at home, allowing parents to relax and enjoy their time with them.

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