8 Things Foreign Students Can Do In Thailand

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You’ve just graduated from high school and are planning to enter college or perhaps join the workforce and make some serious cash. While you’re at the planning stage, you should put having a productive gap year on the top of your to-do list.

A gap year is the transition period between high school and college or high school and getting formally employed.

Students typically do many things during this one-year gap based on their interests: do volunteer work, learn a new language, travel overseas, or get a part-time job to help with college tuition.

For international students, spending their gap year in another country is a popular choice. And one of the best countries that you can visit for your gap year is Thailand – that speck of paradise in Southeast Asia.
There, you can pursue higher education, start a family afterward, or make Thailand your eventual retirement place.

The possibilities are limited only by what you want to do in life during your gap year and beyond.

Consider these eight awesome ideas on how to best enjoy your gap year in Thailand:

Experience Thai massage.

Thai massage is among the best massages one could have. Thailand has a lot of massage parlors with reasonable rates. Be sure to enjoy Thai massage during your visit to its many tourist destinations.

Enroll in a paid gap year program.

It would help if you tried your hand in a program offering gap-year work to earn your keep. There are reliable placement firms that you can connect with to ensure that you’ll have a safe, productive, and fun paid gap year in Thailand.


Don’t miss out on their street food.

Thailand has some of the world’s best street food that you should not miss. From spicy locusts and fried grasshoppers to heavenly pad thai and spicy green curry peddled on the streets, this country’s street delicacies are heaven for taste buds.

Visit their floating market.

A busy weekend market atop a river? Why not? Thailand’s floating markets bustle with life and commerce – an interesting piece of culture and heritage that makes Thailand a must-visit place.

Enjoy their stunning beaches.

Thailand is home to some stunning beaches that have captivated Hollywood – so much that films like The Beach and James Bond were shot there. Be sure to visit Mayan Beach and Phi Phi Bay to bask in the sun and enjoy clear waters like a Hollywood star.

Learn to cook Thai food.

If you’re fond of cooking during your spare time, Thailand is a great place to widen your repertoire. You may observe hawkers as they prepare their menu or visit a local restaurant serving Thai food and strike a conversation with the kitchen staff. No matter how you do it, the idea is to learn an authentic Thai menu or two during your stay.

Mingle with the locals.

Be sure to spend time with the locals to learn more about their history, customs, traditions, and everything that makes them tick.

Enjoy as many outdoor activities as you could.

Thailand has so much to offer for international students who love outdoor activities. Whether swimming in pristine waters or exploring a tropical rainforest, this country will surely leave you breathless.

With these great ideas, your gap year in Thailand should be one for the books.

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