Understanding Type 1 Diabetes

Understanding Type 1 Diabetes

Probably the most common among all autoimmune conditions, this disease affects the pancreas and as a result it no longer produces insulin or manages to produce very little insulin. There is at present no cure for this condition though it can be treated for a normal healthy life.

The condition is often seen to take root in the teenage years with symptoms that can range from fatigue, blurred vision to hunger, frequent urination and thirst.

Treatment of this condition is mostly through proper maintenance of blood sugar levels by monitoring blood sugar and using insulin therapy. Good diet regime with regular exercise helps keep the condition under check.

Specific Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes

  • You can experience sweating, hunger, fatigue, thirst or a combination of these.
  • It can lead to vomiting or nausea.
  • Excessive urination or bed wetting isn’t uncommon.

General symptoms include fast heart rate, blurred vision, weight loss, sleepiness and headache.