What Stress Does To Your Behavior And Body

What Stress Does To Your Behavior And Body

Stress has an adverse impact on your health even when you don’t realize it. The symptoms manifest as illnesses and they can affect your day to day operations. You may even blame an illness for it without realizing that stress is the main culprit.

Common Symptoms Of Stress

Stress symptoms are varied and they can affect your feelings, thoughts, body and even your overall behavior. Having the ability to recognize stress can help you manage them better. Remember that stress left unchecked will eventually lead to bigger problems in the future such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

Stress can affect your body by causing chest pain, chest constriction, headaches, fatigue, stomach upsets, change in sex drive, sleep problems and overall body pain. As for your mood, it can lead to restlessness, anxiety, irritability, sadness, anger, depression, the feeling of being overwhelmed and a lack of focus or motivation. As for behavior, you can experience a sudden onset of anger, increased drug use, alcohol abuse, social withdrawal, more tobacco dependency, undereating or overeating, less exercise and the lack of interest in things that excited you earlier.

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