Self-Management Of Allergies

Self-Management Of Allergies

There are several home management solutions for allergies. Some actually work wonders. Here’s a collection of the best home medication recipes.

Hay Fever Symptoms And Sinus Congestions

To treat these symptoms you can use saline rinsing of the sinuses. Simply mix some salt into water and warm it a bit so that it is above room temperature. Rise your nose with this solution by either using a neti pot or simply by inhaling the solution slowly and then wash it out. Be careful not to quickly inhale the solution as this can lead to further infection.

Treating Household airborne allergens

Basically reducing your exposure to pet dander or dust mites by often washing bedding, stuffed toys in hot water, maintaining the humidity of your home, vacuuming with fine filters such as HEPA filters and using air purifiers.

Mold Allergy Symptoms

You can treat mold allergies by managing the moisture of your home. Find damp places like the kitchen and bath, use dehumidifiers and ventilation fans. If any leaks develop, have them repaired immediately.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

A major part of home remedies is to prevent rather than cure. Here are some general things you can do to help prevent allergic reactions.

  • Always try and avoid your triggers. If you are allergic to pollen, then keep your doors and windows closed during months when pollen count in the air is higher and try to stay indoors as much as possible. For dust mite and dust allergies, keep your home clean, wash beddings and vacuum regularly. Also, if you simply cannot avoid allergens then prefer wearing a face mask to reduce exposure.
  • Maintain a diary and note down the dates that you have allergic reactions, the symptoms, time and possible causes. As you track your activity and your eating habits, a specific allergen will become more clear. This helps doctors identify possible allergens based on the symptoms and timing.
  • Use medical alert bracelets if you have had severe allergic reactions in the past. These bracelets let others help you in the case you are non-responsive during an allergic reaction.
  • Always eat normally even if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. By eating all kinds of food, you help build the immune system of your child. Some studies have shown that this may help protect children from developing future allergies.
  • Daily exercise and staying fit are equally important to keep allergies at bay. A healthy individual will have an immune system that works better. For those suffering from allergies, it is not necessary to go out and exercise. You can get yourself an elliptical fitness equipment for home use and accomplish the same with equal ease.