How To Organize An X Factor-Style Karaoke Contest

X Factor-Style Karaoke

Planning a karaoke contest can be a lot of fun but you need to be organized for your event to be successful. Your first consideration should be the format you intend to use. You need to decide on categories, age classifications and singling styles. You need to figure out approximately how many people will attend and consider the demographics of your audience. You can have categories such as solos, ballads, duets, country, rock, etc. The number of categories must be a correlation of the prizes available. You can even invite children, and purchase one of the best kids karaoke machines available to you.

Allow enough time for promotion of your event and make certain you have the registrations for the contestants including their choice of songs. Ensure your registration process does have a deadline. You also need to decide if you will be charging for tickets and if food and beverages will be supplied. For a fundraising karaoke event you can charge the contestants for participation. One option is to have a donation box on your tickets and registration forms along with the name of the organization you are raising the money for.

You will need a PA system so make certain the place you are hosting your event has the necessary equipment including the ability for live vocals. A system that will allow you to plug in a microphone is your best option. The quality of the sound is incredibly important.

There are numerous websites you can subscribe to for access to an enormous number of karaoke tracks with quality sound. Many of these sites will give you a free trial for seven days. Karaoke videos should be considered as well. Plugging a laptop into a large screen will allow the contestants to easily read the lyrics.

Contacting some of the local businesses for prize donations works well for a charity event. Make sure the prize suits the location such as a great prize for a karaoke contest in a bar would be a bottle of wine or champagne. The prizes don’t have to be huge since many contestants will enter simply because they love to sing.

Your judges need to be impartial and competent. Choose people without any bias who will be respected. If you have the opportunity to have a local personality such a mayor or someone prominent in the community take it. Your judges should appeal to your audience.

Keep your scoring simple. One of the best scoring systems is a combination of song performance and the difficulty of the song. Keep a wide range in your scoring. A system from 1 to 100 will help prevent a lot of tied scores. Your judges scorecards need to allow space for the contestants name, their choice of song and their entry number. Colored paper used to represent different categories will make it much easier when you tabulate the results.

Allowing your audience to be a part of the process is always successful. Let the audience vote and offer a prize for audience choice. Whichever contestant receives the most audience votes will win the category. Just stay organized and have fun.