Heart Diseases And Spotting Them Early

Heart Diseases And Spotting Them Early

The term heart disease actually refers to a variety of heart conditions. It is not a single disease but rather a classification of diseases that can affect the heart, blood vessels connecting the heart or the rhythm of the heart. This category even includes any birth defects with the heart, often called congenital heart defects.

Heart disease is a commonly used term and it is sometimes referred to as cardiovascular disease – which is the medical term. However, cardiovascular diseases generally point at any condition that arises out of a constricted blood vessel, which in turn can cause angina, heart stroke or attack. Nevertheless, other heart conditions that can wreak havoc on the valves, rhythm or heart muscles too fall under this classification.

You must understand that while heart diseases are the number one cause of death in developed and developing nations, it can entirely be avoided by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

When You Should See A Doctor

If you face any of the following medical emergency situations, then immediately visit the OR or see a doctor.

  • Fainting
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chest pains

When a heart disease is caught early it is easier to treat. If you have any additional concerns regarding your situation, then talk it out with your doctor. And if you think you are developing a condition then consult a doctor, especially if your paranoia is fueled by family history of heart diseases.