Get To Understand Lupus

Get To Understand Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammations. This is a disease has no known cure though treatments are known to alleviate most of the symptoms allowing an individual to live a normal life.

The condition mostly affects the skin, blood cells, kidneys, joints, heart, lungs and brain. Symptoms can range anywhere from rash, fever, joint pain to fatigue. At times the conditions will flare up and then suddenly improve but this happens infrequently.

Even though there exists no cure for the condition, modern medicine has made it possible to minimize the symptoms and thus eliminate flare-ups. However, relying just on medicine is not enough as lifestyle changes are necessary. This includes staying protected from the sun, maintaining a proper diet and taking regular medication that may include steroids and anti-inflammatories.

Specific Symptoms of Lupus

  • You may feel pain in your muscles, joints or eyes.
  • Pain around the chest will often be sharp and concentrated.
  • You will suffer either from fever, anemia, fatigue or malaise.
  • You might have dry mouth and possibly even ulcers.
  • Skin rashes are common especially on the face.
  • Loss of hair is normal in men.
  • Not so common symptoms include blood in urine, flare, joint stiffness, mental confusion, seizures, swollen lymph nodes, Raynaud’s syndrome, water retention, weight loss, headache and face rash.

Understand lupus better from the Lupus Foundation of America.