Get To Understand Celiac Disease

Get To Understand Celiac Disease

This is an autoimmune condition that happens in reaction to eating barley, rye or wheat. It is actually a response to the presence of gluten. While this disease has no cure, the good part is it can be avoided entirely by eliminating any food item with gluten in it.

This disease starts mild and often goes undetected until its symptoms become more prominent. Years of eating gluten inflames the small intestine linings and this in turn causes celiac disease. Because of this disease, you may not be absorbing all nutrients.

One of its classic symptoms is diarrhea. Some other common symptoms include fatigue, gas, anemia, gas, osteoporosis and bloating. Some may show no symptoms at all. The only possible treatment is to stay off gluten.

This autoimmune disease can start as early as 2 years but has no specific age group.

Specific Symptoms Of Celiac Disease

  • Pain centers mostly around the joints or the abdomen region but it may be mild and hence undetectable at times.
  • Belching, acid reflux, fat in stool, nausea, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, flatulence are all common conditions of the disease.
  • Your whole body may suffer from fatigue, malnutrition, bone loss or even anemia.
  • In children it can result in slow growth or delayed onset of puberty.
  • Can cause discomfort in the abdomen with cramping.
  • Other common symptoms include weight loss, lactose intolerance, itching and skin rash.