Bradycardia A Lesser Known But Equally Dangerous Condition

Bradycardia A Lesser Known But Equally Dangerous Condition

Unaware to many, there is an equally dangerous health condition called Bradycardia that is the opposite of Angina. In this case, the heart beats slower than what a normal heart should. Typically, a normal heart should beat about 60 to 100 times per minute when at rest. People with bradycardia however experience a heartbeat with less than 60 per minute.

This can become a serious condition when the heart is unable to provide sufficient oxygen rich blood to the rest of the body. In many folks though, bradycardia does not exactly cause any major complications.

The cure to this condition if it does lead to problems is by implanting a pacemaker.

Specific Symptoms Of Bradycardia

  • Accompanied by bouts of fainting or near-fainting
  • Weakness and fatigue are commonplace
  • Chest pains or shortness of breath
  • Memory problems, confusion
  • Quick tiring during physical exertion

At times though a slow heart rate is perfectly normal. In trained athletes and young adults, the heart rate in rest may register at less than 60 beats per minute and for them this is not a serious health concern.

However, if you suffer any of the above symptoms then you should see a doctor immediately. In the event of the chest pain lasting more than a couple of minutes, or having breathing difficulties, call an emergency care number immediately.

Read more on Bradycardia from the American Heart Association.